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Hi, I’m Craig and I am an individual counsellor and psychotherapist. I tend to focus on person-centred counselling but do use other counselling approaches such as solution focussed therapy if this is appropriate for you. The most important aspect of any therapy is the relationship between the two of us. I will provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space, whilst being honest and empathic.

I don’t see counselling as a job, I see it as a way of life and I enjoy working with individuals on the matters that are important to them, that are close to their heart. I have seen and experienced the difference that the therapeutic relationship make and I would encourage anybody to take the first step, when it feels ready to do so.

I have had years of experience working within the mental health and victim services sectors as well as counselling for agencies that offer bereavement support and drug & alcohol services. I currently also provide counselling for pre-trail victims of historical sexual abuse.

I have experience of working with clients from diverse backgrounds and I feel I am on a good footing to reflect on equality and diversity and fear of difference. Typically, I work with individuals on issues such as stress, depression, relationship problems, trauma, anxiety and self confidence.

I will support you in exploring any issues that you choose, but during counselling I will not tell you what to do or how you should feel, I will not give you any advice however I may suggest things that may help you explore issues and tell you how I feel about the counselling process. I may mention the thoughts, feelings and patterns that I pick up from you as these

things can create a valuable insight into things when you feel confused or uncertain about what to consider first.


About me? Well I could tell you about my qualifications as a counsellor and how long I have studied whilst listing my skills and achievements but I doubt this will give you any indication on we would work well together or not.

So let me tell you a little of my journey and how I see counselling to be. Having been in therapy myself for many years (and still am today) I believe in having a place to explore our thoughts, feelings, fears, etc in a safe and freeing place.

These thoughts and feelings are too difficult sometimes to explore with people in our everyday lives. Though many of our friends and family have good intensions for us, some of what we think and feel may be too much for others to explore them with us, and in turn we tend to keep those inner most thoughts and feelings unexplored and buried inside.

I believe in the approach of Person Centred Therapy (PCT) which focuses on you as the driver of your life for this journey you are on. You know yourself better than anyone so who better to decide whats best for yourself. We just need a little help to discover that sometimes. PCT is not about telling you what to do nor is it advice giving, but by placing ourselves in an environment of non-judgment, trust, understanding and safety, over a period of time these realisations of who we really are can reveal themselves. Counselling can be hard journey for many of us but the outcomes can be life changing.

My personal experience as a therapist has been around bereavement, children, and general work such as stress, anxiety, depression, weight loss, etc. I am personally open to working with many issues though if there is something I feel may be better placed with other services I would recommend this and discuss with you.

Counselling is all about you, find who you are comfortable with and enjoy the journey.

“You can’t throw a stone in the water and it not create ripples”


I have worked within the private, public and the voluntary sectors throughout my career and more recently as a counsellor I work with adults and young people who are post and pre-bereaved and those who have experienced trauma which is impacting on their life. I have particular interest in:

· Bereavement

· Living with illness

· Stress

· Anger

· Depression

· Bullying

· Low self-esteem/Low confidence

· Family issues

· Self-harm

My commitment to continuous personal development allows me to explore and gain greater knowledge and insights into various therapeutic interventions.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, this is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.